Haven Valley

Some new design work that just launched a few weeks ago, so excited for these guys! If you're in the market for a sweet, portable hammock to take with you to music festivals or when you go camping, check them out at havenvalley.com.

Branding, art direction, package design (photos coming soon!), and website done by me, photos provided by Death to the Stock Photo. 


I feel like I'm on the edge of something. Something big, and something scary, but... something desperately needed.

I'm ready to open up, but yet, there's a piece of me that says, "not yet, don't spoil it."

I want to be unafraid of the wind, blinded by the sunshine, soaking in the rain.

There's paint under my nails, and a burning in my heart. 

The Root Of It All

These last few months have been rough, creatively speaking, for me. I've been trying desperately to find not only my creative voice, but one that really, truly, resonates with me as a person. Because with art, (especially painting, which involves not only your eyes, but your hands, your body) you are giving something of yourself to the canvas, to the process. And I can tell when I've truly let go and when I've given of myself - thats when I produce the work I'm most proud of. 

Portrait Studies

I've never been much for portrait photography, only thinking that it was senior portraits and wedding photography. I was so wrong, I see now. These photos below are the ones that are most inspiring me these days. I think it's high time to find a model (or con one of my friends into modeling), and dust off my portrait skills.

Hi, My Name is Sara, and I'm a Perfectionist.

I'm not one to put a ton of personal information on here, but I feel like sometimes it needs to be shared, in order to possibly help you guys as well. So, let me tell you, this week has been utter shit. And the one before, even more. And I'm fucking exhausted. And I'm stressed, and I'm worried. I just want to stay in bed and hide under the covers all day. What's happening is I'm on the verge of burnout, even without feeling like I really should be. 

But that's the problem: I feel like I don't deserve to be burned out, and so I keep going, which makes it even worse.

A Lesson in Standing Out: Why You Should Still Share Your Expertise When the Market is Oversaturated

This is something that has been on my mind lately, something that I struggle with a lot. You see everywhere online, all these bloggers sharing their success secrets - “How to find your style,” “How to find your target audience,” “How to…” It’s overwhelming, amiright? You’re probably thinking, "Why should I throw my hat into the ring and share my expertise, if everyone else has already done it?" Why would anyone want to read what you have to say, if they can find that information other places? 


We took a trip this weekend to the botanical gardens at Zilker park - just a hop, skip, and a jump away from our house. I've driven by it daily for months, and never really knew what it would be like. After paying our six dollars to get in (such a steal), I broke out my camera and never really stopped shooting the entire time. I would love to go back in the spring when the flowers are blooming, and get more of those dreamy macro shots I love so much. 

Amazing Profit Media

We made a big shift in one of the projects I was working on at my day job, and I was tasked with cleaning up and modernizing an existing logo, shifting it from Amazing Profit Monthly to Amazing Profit Media. The new style guide is below, along with the original logo at the bottom. Assets were created based on this, and translated into editorial layouts and motion graphics. 

Portrait of a Bedroom

I love watching the way light moves around our house throughout the day. One back bedroom in particular has such great light right about 9am. Our living room becomes blindingly bright about 4pm. The brick outside of our bathroom wall is heated by the full sun all day, so much so that it's incredibly warm to the touch. 

Note to Self:

Around this time of year, lot of people write about what they learned the year before, or a roundup of their favorite moments, or a mile-long list of unattainable resolutions for the year ahead. This is not one of those posts.

Mobile Empire Monthly

Branding, layout, creative direction for monthly magazine Mobile Empire Monthly.

Each magazine, while having similar layouts, utilized a different color scheme to set it apart from the issues before and after. Gallery includes multiple cover versions.

Amazing Profit Monthly

Below you'll see some cover options with the current branding, as well as mockups of a new brand and layout for Amazing Profit Monthly, a monthly magazine dedicated to online physical products sellers, i.e. Amazon sellers. Over the last few months, I've given the magazine a cleaner, more modern feel while working with the the pre-existing branding, and managing to do so with an older target demographic.

From the Archives: Trapeze

Here's another conceptual design for you all. I went through a phase the last few years, and am still in it for sure, but I was really drawn to dark, edgy, moody designs. Our house is definitely still that way, and I don't intend on changing it, I just didn't want to be known for solely that in my design work.