Abstract Paintings

for the modern aesthetic


Tree limbs bending with the heaviness of snowfall; water like ice hitting the rocks on a stark, cold shore; mountains shrouded in mist. The dark blue of the deep ocean; the grey of morning fog; and black of the sky during a thunderstorm...

I believe there is something deep, something hidden, that must be allowed a voice to speak. And with that voice, I seek to inspire others to find that pure, beautiful darkness within them. Because not everyone is made of sunshine, of joy. Some, are simply made of thunder.

As an abstract painter, a formally educated photographer, and an experienced graphic designer, I've worked with all types of businesses, helping build their aesthetic and online presence from the ground up. And while that was fulfilling, for a time, I keep going back to my first love: creating artwork and bringing it to those who need a little more beauty in their lives.