The Beautifier

You guys. I was driving home tonight, stuck in rush hour (and a half) traffic. It was dark and raining and I probably shouldn't have been thinking that hard about something other than driving. But alas, I came up with the best idea for a blog series and I absolutely must share it with you right this instant.

Get ready - The Beautifier.

Since, you know, if I had a superhero name, I think it'd be The Beautifier. Forever fighting against the ugliness of the world with kicksass design and photography.

..."What on earth have you been smoking Sara?" you may ask. Nothing my loves, absolutely nothing. You see, while I was stuck in traffic behind this truck for a window installing company, I was thinking - wow, that's a really shitty design on the back of that truck. It could really use some help, and I bet I could make it 200 billion times better - so that's exactly what I'm going to do. I'm going to snap photos of as many terrible designs (and maybe some yucky photography) out in the wild that I can find, and then I'm going to 'fix' them, both for my sanity and for your amusement dear reader. Complete with all the horrific details in the form of before and afters.

I think this is the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship ugly world, you best be ready for your closeup.

PS how fun are these beauty lifestyle images I was able to shoot the other day? Not retouched or lit to perfection, but I love them nonetheless.

Winter is Coming

Laundry is folded neatly on the coffee table, waiting to be put away. A cat is snuggled up on the couch behind me, softly snoring. An almost-dark sky is outside, with the grey gloom of approaching winter. And I'm desperately wanting to be in far-off places, full of mountains and trees and rocks and snow.

...Or maybe I just read too much Tolkien & George RR Martin. I'm getting that itch for adventure like Bilbo always seems to when the seasons change, and all I can keep thinking is the House Stark motto: winter is coming. 

And I'm stoked.


I realize it's not spring, but for me the late autumn is the time of year I get the most restless. Maybe it's the changing of the seasons (it's finally starting to get cold and foggy here), I don't know, but it was time to do some spring cleaning in November.

You may notice it looks a bit different around here. No, you're not going crazy, it's still the same content, just displayed differently. I've been struggling to design my site with more of an interactive approach - it just felt stale, and I needed a reboot. I wanted to make this into more than just a portfolio site, but more than just a blog as well, since I'm first and foremost a creative, and only secondly a sometimes-occasionally-onlywhenIhavesomethingcooltoshowyou blogger. So you'll probably start to see some other minor changes coming to the site soon, but for now this is the big kahuna. 

Also, as I start adding more content and shaping the site into what I feel it should be, you'll start seeing less and less inspiration imagery, as gradually it will evolve into only my work. Of course, all the good inspiration will still be on my Pinterest account. Just trying to create more original content, since that's what I'm paid to do most days. 

Again, thanks for hanging in there, it'll be worth it in the end. Hopefully.

Cheers -S

Please Hold.

I'll be with you in just a moment. 

Life has been a whirlwind lately. Having so much up in the air coupled with feeling burned out, exhausted, and overall uninspired has sparked a change of both head and heart. There is a lot of work going on under the surface, both personally and professionally, which is liberating, exciting and stressful all at the same time. So stay tuned, and apologies in advance if posts aren't as frequent as you're used to. As I tell people when I'm trying to think through something, "please hold," I'll be with you when I get my shit together.

In the meantime, I wanted to share this gorgeous moodboard with you, I'm so very excited about it and all it entails.

Cheers. -S

Image 1  |  Image 2  |  Image 3  |  Image 4  |  Image 5  |  Image 6

Travel : Borrego Springs

Just a little recap of our trip to the desert last weekend. Filled with hot weather, good family time, and lots of cold ones, I couldn't ask for a better weekend. Except the 11 hour drive home with a sickie boyfriend in tow...

Inspiration : Outdoor Space

Continuing with the home inspiration theme I seem to have started, here's a sampling of what I'm dreaming of for an outdoor space. Unfortunately, we don't really have much more than a deck to work with right now, but definitely marking these for the future when we have a larger space.

Inspiration : Home

It's high time I post some more decor/remodeling inspiration for our house - I'm starting to feel a bit overwhelmed by all the amazing ideas out there, and having places like Pinterest collect it all in one spot sometimes makes it worse. So I've decided to pull out some of my favorite spaces, and put them all in one place to reference back to as we're getting closer to finishing our remodel.


I was putting my jewelry on this morning and realized that I had some really beautiful pieces hidden in the bottom of my jewelry box that I never wear. Then, as I looked closer, I noticed that the majority of it belonged to my great grandmother. A lot of it is just costume jewelry, and some have missing pieces or little bits of green felt still attached from when she glued them all into a shadowbox, but that just adds to the charm. Since I'm not a huge bauble-wearer, I figure there's only one way to truly show off how beautiful they are...

Mood : Black & White

I hereby declare my obsession with all things black and white. But you probably already knew that.

Maybe it's because I essentially have a work wardrobe with no color in it? Or because I just get tired of bright colors so easily? Or maybe I secretly want to be that super edgy girl walking down the street in black saying "fuck you world, I don't need you anyway"? Ok maybe not that last part, but I really do love neutral colors, and black and white for sure fall into that. Not in that super stark Scandanavian or IKEA way, but in the Restoration Hardware way, with some grey and ivory and lots of texture thrown in for good measure.

Here's a collection of gorgeous images I found on, you guessed it, Pinterest.
You may now commence basking in black and white glory. 

Image 1  |  Image 2  |  Image 3  |  Image 4  |  Image 5  |  Image 6


Anyone else have a lipstick problem? Ok so these aren't all mine, actually none of them are (although I do have a different NARS lipstick somewhere in the deep dark pit that is my purse).

But get this - these new lipsticks that just launched have a magnetic closure. Totally unnecessary, but completely rad. You go Fran├žois, you go.

I know what you're thinking, and in no shape or form is this post sponsored by NARS, or any company for that matter. I just had to shoot them for work and decided to share the photo outtakes here. Plus, I kind of have a NARS problem, you should seriously see my makeup bag. I don't wear a whole ton of makeup, but when I do...Ok you get the gist, I'm shutting up now.