I'm Sara, a graphic designer, art director, and photographer in Portland, OR. After working in-house for large corporations, family-owned businesses, Silicon Valley startups, and everything in between, I left the 9-to-5 life and opened Studio Sara Kraus in 2016. 

I love working with open-minded, passionate, and independent women business owners that need help creating strong brands that last. I'm incredibly passionate about what I call holistic branding — looking at your creative direction as a whole, and then crafting all the pieces into a modern, cohesive, and sustainable brand. This means designing not only your logo, but your website, social media, photography, copy, typography, and overall aesthetic. Because a disconnected brand equals disconnected customers and clients.

Most days you can find me head banging at my desk and drinking too much sparkling water. I'm passionate about my little family, art history, and eradicating bad design from the planet. Also, Thai food. I curse like a sailor, and previous coworkers may or may have nicknamed me The Design Goddess. When I’m not busy working, you can catch me attempting to hike with my fiancé, drinking craft beer, or remodeling our house.

Struggling with your branding? Have an idea but not sure how to get it out into the world? Let's chat, woman!

Success is fucking up on your own terms. —Guillermo del Toro