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Article: Autumn Sounds

Autumn Sounds

Autumn Sounds

As someone who grew up with essentially two seasons - hot and… not - I’ve found that I relish the change in season each time it comes around. Was I happy about the longer days of summer, spent in the garden and at the river? Absolutely. Am I happy about the changing leaves and the return of the rainy season? Definitely.

As I get older, I’m continually learning to hold different and sometimes opposing viewpoints within the same brain and body. I am someone who loves the mountains, the rain, and the slower pace of autumn. I am also someone who loves getting out in the sun and spending an afternoon by the pool. I am someone who loves seeing the trees change color, but I am also someone who anxiously awaits the first snowfall of the year come January or February. I guess that’s what makes us human, what makes us changeable and malleable. There’s room for it all.

A little like my autumn playlist - a little bit of everything, but all things that are on repeat here in the studio.

Hope you enjoy.

Until next time,

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