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Article: The Infinite Influence of Art

The Infinite Influence of Art

The Infinite Influence of Art

I'll bet a lot of people think investing in an original piece of art is too expensive, daunting, and maybe even pretentious. But you and I? We know better…

We know that there's no substitute for all the subtle texture only viewable on a painting up-close or the way the colors shift when the morning light hits it just right.

We know that art brings us back to ourselves, evoking emotions that we don't often have words for. A dream within a dream.

We know that art can serve as a living reminder of who and what we are, or who and what we aim to become.

We know that art tells an infinite number of stories. It's up to us to decipher and connect them to our lives, sometimes forging bonds with pieces that last lifetimes.

And we know that it helps our homes tell stories of their own.

We know that even amid great pain and chaos, there is such awe - such unfathomable beauty and connection and inspiration - to be found in art.

On the hard days, on the exhausting days, I remind myself of the infinite influence of art on our daily lives, and of these things we both know.

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