Paddock Appraisal Service, Inc.

Creative direction, branding, web design

2016 rebrand for established residential and commercial appraisal firm, Paddock Appraisal Service, Inc. Project included creative direction, branding, print design, and web design. 


The visual brand identity was created to convey a sophisticated, classic, high-end brand experience. The brand leverages simplicity for clear messaging while offering a hint of homegrown personality via secondary visual language like icons and color. Through visual components, the brand conveys knowledge and experience, an accessible business sensibility, and trustworthiness.

Brand Colors:

Wisdom - Sage refers to someone who has attained wisdom; the aim of the ancient Greek schools of thought.

Character - The shades of tan and green used in the design are reminiscent of a patina - something developed naturally over time, and an element that adds character.

Diversity - Sage is an ancient evergreen shrub. Hardy, herbaceous, ornamental, as well as medicinal, there are over 1,000 varieties of the sage plant.

Authenticity - In color psychology, shades of green, grey, and brown represent nature, something naturally occurring, and therefore nothing manufactured or fake.

Subtlety - Refraining from bright or saturated colors helps to bring a subtlety to the brand. Quiet but bold, without the need to be flashy or attention-grabbing.


The website was created as a simple, approachable place to direct all digital traffic. 

Maintaining the down-to-earth feel, inviting imagery and neutral colors were used. The website layout was kept user-friendly and straightforward as most of their current customers aren’t very tech savvy, but they are trying to attract newer, younger clients to drive their business forward. 

Contact information is repeated in several places throughout the site. Available services and coverage areas are the most frequently asked questions, so answers are prominent and easy to find.