Monthly Studio Notes

Sara Kraus

Starting next month, I'm rolling something new out, called Monthly Studio Notes, specifically for email subscribers. What this means is simple: once a month, those on the studio newsletter list will receive an email from me with exclusive content, links, notes, observations, what I'm currently reading, etc. 

The content will evolve as we go, but what I share in these emails won't be shared here on the site, or on social media - it's simply a love letter from me, to you. And unlike those terribly-written love letters your junior high boyfriend used to pass you in class, it'll actually be worth the few minutes to read. 

If you're not already subscribed to the newsletter list, do so below. 

Still on the fence? Well, do you like having first dibs on new things? Like getting exclusive/discounted stuff? Do you appreciate sarcasm? Need a shot of tequila? Just kidding, sort of. Great, get it on it. 

See you on the other side. —S

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