Modern Business: Studio Resource Library

The struggle is real. Running a business is hard, but if we work together maybe we can make it suck just a little less.

And because I've been in your shoes, not knowing where on earth to start, and how to choose between all the options out there, I've compiled a list of my favorite resources that I use on a daily basis to run my studio. 

What's included? The library is split into four sections:

Let's Get Social.

It can be so overwhelming managing your social media accounts. I've included my favorite Instagram and Pinterest management software, social media planning, email marketing platforms, and more.

Design and Photo.

I've created design templates made specifically for small business owners, and listed out the the best free stock photography sites for professional, non-cheesy photos.

Hello? Business Operator?

My favorite platforms for invoicing, online contract management, bookkeeping, and project management. Also, mixtape playlists to keep you motivated through the day. 

Reading List.

I've done a ton of reading on everything business-related, not just books but numerous blogs, as well. I've compiled a list of the great ones so you don't have to spend years sifting through the bad ones.

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