Modern Business: Utilizing Pinterest

If you’re anything like me, Pinterest conjures up images of cheesy DIY projects you’d never dream of doing, outdated home decor ideas (that literally everyone seems to love for some reason), and recipes with so much cheese and cream you might as well just give up and change into ugly sweatpants permanently. But while yes, all those things are true about the social media platform, there are some hidden gems in there too, if you keep a keen eye out.

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The Importance of Creative Direction (with Moodboard Download)

Creative direction is tricky. But creative direction is also incredibly powerful.

In the world of small businesses, creative direction serves as a starting point, and a reference point as you make decisions involving your brand. It's the North Star, if you will, of your business. Everything should come from, and be directed toward it. And it's not just visual either, it's how you market, and what kinds of decisions you make for your business.

Introducing: Branding and Consulting Packages

Introducing the new flagship branding and creative consulting packages — whether you need a website, branding, creative direction, or all of the above, everything is bundled together and straightforward. But what happens after you send the inquiry email? While each component functions pretty much the same for each project, the components you get depend on which package you choose.

May Mixtape

The May mixtape is available now on Spotify. Tracks include: 

  1. This is a Trick / Crosses
  2. Two Shots / Cross My Heart Hope to Die
  3. The Pit / Priest
  4. Open Fire / Kate Boy
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Color & Texture Edition 03—Olive


  1. noun: a small oval fruit with a hard pit and bitter flesh, green when unripe and brownish black when ripe, used as food and as a source of oil.

  2. noun: the widely cultivated evergreen tree that yields the olive, native to warm regions of the Old World.

  3. adjective: grayish-green, like an unripe olive.

April Mixtape

The April mixtape is available now on Spotify. Tracks include: 

  1. Everybody Needs / ML BUCH
  2. Wudao / The American Dollar
  3. Stranger Things / Kyle Dixon
  4. Die Young / Sylvan Esso
MusingsSara Kraus
Selected Works: Fine Art

As some of you may know, in addition to graphic design and photography, I also picked up painting a few years back. When I was little I always wanted to be an artist, and more often than not you would find me coloring or painting every spare chance I got. And that has since carried over into adulthood, first as a hobby, now as a passion project. 

Fine ArtSara Kraus
Selected Works: Photography

Most of the work you see here on the site is client work, but there are a lot of images I've collected over the years that I've taken for no purpose but to please myself. They're usually a bit more abstract, a bit more stylized, and most of the time, they end up as my favorite images. 

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March Mixtape

The March mixtape is available now on Spotify! 

Tracks include: 

  1. Adult Goth / Gang Gang Dance
  2. Into the Black / Chromatics
  3. Strawberry Skies / Games
MusingsSara Kraus