Introducing: Branding and Consulting Packages

Introducing the new branding and creative consulting packages — whether you need a website, branding, creative direction, or all of the above, everything is bundled together and straightforward. But what happens after you send the inquiry email? While each component functions pretty much the same for each project, the components you get depend on which package you choose.

— The Packages

The Flagship Package

Perfect for new brands, as well as established ones looking for a complete refresh, the flagship package delivers everything you need to get your business off the ground.

It includes creative direction, a branding suite in it’s entirety, a full website, email design, and bonus extras upon completion.

The Branding Package

Ready to get that idea or business out of your head and into action, but not quite ready to take the full leap yet? This is much like the Flagship package, but better if you’re just starting out.

It includes creative direction and a full branding suite, just like the Flagship Package. But instead of a full website, it includes a cover page, which is essentially a one-page website, also called a landing page. Because it’s always important to have a designated spot to direct all traffic related to your business. You’ll also receive some bonus extras at the end, as well.

Creative Direction Consulting

Meant for businesses already up and running, this custom, comprehensive audit of your creative direction will provide you with new ways to visually update your brand, giving your business a new edge visually.

It includes an in-depth creative direction packet (including a branding moodboard), in which you’ll receive detailed notes on exactly what to do to clean up and modernize your brand across all of your touchpoints. You’ll also get a selection of fifteen stock photos to use for your brand, and a guidebook on how to keep your brand looking great in the future.


—The Components

Creative Direction & Branding

Each project will start with a questionnaire to really get to the heart of your business and what will work best for your brand. Then you'll receive a custom moodboard to help direct our visuals throughout the project.

Next we’ll tackle the branding. Once you’ve approved the moodboard, I’ll get to work on your identity design, including a logo, an icon, matching brand colors, and font pairings that will work best with your new logo. You’ll get cover images for all of your social media channels, and fifteen stock photos picked specifically for your new look. You'll also have your choice of three marketing materials, which can be things like business cards, social media post templates, postcards, and more.

Once the branding design is finished, you'll receive a proof to look over and approve. This is a little different from most designers and agencies for a couple of reasons. One, because you and I will do so much research and digging to get to the heart of your brand, you'll only see the one design concept that I believe will work best for your brand. There’s no sense in giving you multiple options just for the sake of options. All that does is give you, as a client, decision fatigue, and it prolongs the process when it’s not necessary. And two, you won't get communication from me for every little step with you during the process, because it’s so much clearer to see how all the pieces of your new brand work together as one cohesive unit. There is, of course, room for feedback and minor revisions.

Website and Email Design

After the branding portion wraps up, your new website design will begin. I’ll set up a Squarespace account for you, and design it to match your new branding. Before we begin, we'll make sure to get all the specifications ironed out about what copy you want to include, and what types of pages you need in your new website (online store, blog, etc). If you’re working on the Branding Package, this will be more of a landing page, instead of a full-blown website.

Next, a MailChimp account will be created for you, including one email template for you to use for your brand’s outgoing updates,and it'll be integrated it into your new website for optimum email address collection.

A live proof of your website and email design will be sent for to approve, before we move onto the final step.

Project Finalization and Off-Boarding

Once everything in your project is approved, and the remaining 50% of your project fee is paid, the Squarespace and MailChimp logins will be transferred over to you, and you'll receive a packet with your detailed branding overview and a few other things like how to get your Squarespace site live, our monthly maintenance packages, and a guidebook on how to take the best photos for your brand.

Ready to get on the list? Simply choose which package you think is right for you, click the link below the package to fill out the questionnaire, and I'll be in touch shortly. If we’ll be a great fit to work together, I’ll send you an onboarding packet to and an invoice for 50% of the project fee. After that’s paid, I’ll get you on the calendar so we can get to work!

Depending on availability, the whole process from inquiry to finished project can take as little as two to three weeks. Which is a hell of a lot better than waiting months and months to get a finished product, searching high and low for things you’re not even sure you need (and people you’re not even sure you need), and spending time and money just to end up more stressed than you were to begin with.

I got you, girl.