Selected Works: Fine Art

As some of you may know, in addition to graphic design and photography, I also picked up painting a few years back. When I was little I always wanted to be an artist, and more often than not you would find me coloring or painting every spare chance I got. And that has since carried over into adulthood, first as a hobby, now as a passion project. 

I, in no way, market myself as solely an artist. I still love photography and design too much to give them up, but I do find myself gravitating toward fine art in my spare time as much as I did in childhood.

All the paintings here on the site are done by yours truly, and so I wanted to give you a better glimpse into some of my favorite pieces to date. As you can see, the style has changed quite drastically over time, but that's all part of the learning process, and I know that with each painting I do, it'll get better. And while I have to constantly remind myself that it's all part of the learning process, and I have to consistently work to not fall into the comparison trap (don't we all), it's incredibly fun, and that's kind of the point, right?

Fine ArtSara Kraus