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Branding and running a business isn't easy, but when you're an artist or a creative entrepreneur, it can be even more daunting.

Yes, your brand needs to attract collectors who will adore your work. Yes, your brand needs to be thoughtful and well-crafted. But as artists and creatives, we’re continually translating and alchemizing our thoughts, feelings, and emotions through our work, making our businesses intimate and individual to us alone. And this means that your brand should be there to support and build up your work, to grow with you, not compete with or constrain your work.

While a lot of my time these days is spent with a paintbrush in my hand, my career didn’t begin that way. After over a decade of working in branding and marketing, I know without a shadow of a doubt: if you want to grow your creative practice, you have to run it like a business. That means impeccable branding top to bottom, a website that makes collectors swoon, and emails your list actually want to open.

How do you build a sustainable brand that does just that? Start with yourself, and build from the inside out, just like your work.

What becomes possible when you have a clear and powerful brand?

Loyalty and Credibility

By positioning yourself as a professional, and providing tangible value to your collectors, you become trustworthy, creating collectors that come back again and again.


You’re ensuring that all of your touchpoints across different platforms work in unison, reflecting your unique vision and aesthetic.


Your work is beautiful and unique, and having a strong brand and responsive, modern website to back it up only helps you stand out even more.

Resources for Artists & Creatives

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